CountSafe™ Slat Counter - Slat Filler Inspection

To ensure the correct tablet and precise count are placed in each bottle, the CountSafe™ for Slat Counter can be installed on any slat tablet counter or drum tablet filler.  It can inspect up to 100,000 tablets per minute for the following specifications:

  • Count precision
  • Wrong color
  • Wrong shape
  • Broken tablets or capsules
  • Un-coated tablets
  • Foreign objects
  • Missing tablets or capsules
  • Supplemental tablets or capsules
  • Carry-around tablets or capsules

The Optel Vision CountSafe™ for Slat Counter is one of the most innovative automated vision inspection solutions on the market.  The high-performance inspection system provides slat counter machines with increased accuracy that helps to avoid costly recalls and improve your quality control.

You will improve your filler efficiency by reducing machine stops or slowdowns, eliminate machine stops when the operator cannot keep up with the count errors and remove the need for human inspection.  In addition, a tablet/bottle tracking software enables ejection to one or two ejection stations. Then the product is sent to an automated recycling station depending on the defect type.

It can be installed on any machine including: Merrill, Lakso, King, Modular, Aylward, IPS or Services Industries slat fillers.

In the press: Pfizer Adopts Vision System On High Speed Bottle Filling Lines