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Don't put patients in danger - Serialize your packaging lines


The FDA has recently dismantled a Florida crime ring responsible for stealing 80 million dollars worth of medicines from a major pharmaceutical manufacturer in 2010. The news came down after a three year Federal undercover probe allowing the charge of 18 people.

This event brings back the importance to have a strong Track and Trace system in place in your pharmaceuticals supply chain.  A good serialization solution will allow you to know where your goods are at anytime in the distribution channel and know each missing item in the event of a theft.

Although, in this case, the prescription drugs were intercepted before being sold on the market.  If you had a effective Track and Trace solution on your packaging line, it becomes very easy to alert the public and pharmacies about the stolen products before it reaches the legal distribution channels by providing the exact lot with the unique serial number involved.

To read more, visit the Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging News Site.


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